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Announcement Job Posting for BHTEN Part Time Clerical Assistant

Posted on Friday, September 1, 2017

Specific Responsibilities:

The person who holds this position is responsible for a variety of activities that support the entire BHTEN team. The individual must have a solid working knowledge of the most common software applications and, in addition, must possess strong organizational skills and be able to be involved in simultaneous projects. The Clerical Assistant must be able to interface with a variety of professional and non-professional individuals and, consequently, must possess excellent verbal and written skills. Experience working within a human service field is a plus, particularly working with persons with behavioral health needs. Some on the job training may be necessary.

Skills Required:

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Experience working with office equipment
  • Knowledge and experience with word processing, spreadsheets and desktop publishing software
  • Knowledge of registration software is preferred


The BHTEN Associate Director supervises the BHTEN Clerical Assistant position; if the Associate Director is not available, then the Clerical Assistant will report to the BHTEN Program Director.

Position Requirements:

  • Travel within the Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Must be able to work 25 to 29 hours per week
  • Must have at least a high school diploma and prior experience working in an office setting


Task List:
Behavioral Health Training and Education Network (BHTEN)
Part Time Clerical Assistant

Note: Because the Associate Director directly supervises the Clerical Assistant, it is the responsibility of the Associate Director to delegate tasks accordingly. Thus, all BHTEN staff members will be expected to submit requests for assistance to the Associate Director who will, in turn, delegate these tasks to either the Clerical Assistant and/or BHTEN General Office Clerk. A sample of the types of tasks for which the Clerical Assistant would be responsible includes, but is not necessarily limited to:


  • Faxing Confirmations/Other Faxing Jobs
    • Faxing training confirmation letters
    • Direct trainees to website for flyers; fax or e-mail promotional materials as needed
  • Copying
    • Keep materials in work request box in order by priority.
    • Check with BHTEN Associate Director to prioritize needed materials
    • Keep BHTEN flyers on the front table/brochure holder. Update as needed
  • Entering Registrations/Entering Trainings
    • Enter training/trainee data into BHTEN electronic system
    • Enter daily registration/payment data
    • Inform BHTEN Data Analyst when trainings become full so website can be changed to reflect training status
    • File all registration forms, copies of checks, confirmations, etc. for a given training
  • Checks
    • Once checks/registration data is entered into BHTEN system, submit to CST Fiscal Director with an accounting report and copies of the checks.
    • Copy each check/money order with the registration for the records.
    • Align checks/money orders according to the accounting report. Make sure the check numbers and amounts are correct on the report.
    • Copy all checks/money orders to give to CST Fiscal Director and discuss any discrepancies
  • Trainings
    • Weekly email to staff with updated training numbers for the upcoming weeks of trainings.
    • The day before each training, print out 2 sets of sign-in sheets. One goes in the sign-in folder for front desk, the other to the security guard
    • Sit at the front desk to greet/sign-in/give materials to training participants for unpaid trainings until about 10 am.
    • Serve as backup support to BHTEN registrar to cover unpaid training responsibilities.
  • Tokens/Token Log  — Work with Registrar to track token usage/supply
  • DDAP/ State Mandated Responsibilities
    • When trainings are full, have past, or are cancelled, update the flyer for the front table and send new version to BHTEN Data Analyst for the BHTEN website.
    • At least one week or so before a state mandated training, print out a list of participants and enter them into the BHTEN registration system and on the DDAP website.
    • Add participants to DDAP system following the training if needed
    • Cancel trainees as needed on the DDAP and BHTEN registration systems.
    • Xerox DDAP materials as needed based on pre-registration data.
    • After trainees have signed in and there are no more changes to be made, fax the sign-in sheets to the Training Unit at DDAP.
    • Work in collaboration with the BHTEN DDAP training coordinator to process registrations.
  • Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Training Responsibilities
    • Adjust the Day One sign-in sheet to reflect the actual attendees for the Day Two training.
    • Prepare the Mental Health First Aid certificates of completion for distribution on day two of the training.


As with all BHTEN positions, responsibilities also include attending meetings and any other activities/duties as assigned by the BHTEN Program Director or Associate Director.

The Consumer Satisfaction Team offers an hourly compensation of $15.00/ hour.
The Consumer Satisfaction Team is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
To submit a CV or resume and a cover letter, email Dennis Fisher, Program Director at: dfisher@pmhcc.org
either as an MS Word document or as a pdf document.