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Certificates and Transcripts

How and when will I get my Continuing Education certificate?

In most cases, you will receive your CE certificate (for whichever CE type you have requested) at the end of your training, upon completing a class evaluation.  

How can I get documentation of past trainings?

BHTEN is responsible to insure educational records are current, accessible and confidential.   Therefore we have a policy concerning the proper management of all learner records including the maintenence, updating, availability and confidentiality of all learner records.   For copies of this policy please click here.  Requests for learner records, including transcripts or duplicate certificates, must be in writing using the BHTEN “Duplicate Certificate/ Transcript Request Form”.  This form is downloadable by clicking here.  Forms are also available at the BHTEN registration area.  For more information contact Akim Cooper at ext. 297.