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This sessions runs from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  Registration begins at 8:30 AM.

Screening and Assessment

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About This Course

This course addresses the requirements for drug and alcohol screening and assessment of adults in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The required components of each tool, emergent care issues, screening options, level of case management determination, interviewing techniques and

review of the DSM-V Criteria for Substance Use Disorders will be covered.

Learning Objectives: 

Learning objectives…for the overall Series: (see separate attachment for objectives for each session)

  • Explore the differences between a screening and an assessment;
  • Identify characteristics of a “Person-First” approach to screening & assessment;
  • Discuss key components of a thorough assessment;
  • Review the skills necessary for effective screening & assessment.
Intended Audience: 

Drug & Alcohol Providers.

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Completion Requirements: 

Since this is a DDAP training, DDAP regulations apply…anyone who misses more than 30 minutes, cumulative, of the training will not receive credit for the training.  After the training, participants are to go to the DDAP TMS, log in using their own username and password, select this course, complete the evaluation and then print out their certificate.